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Philharmonic Concert Hall

With Essen's Philharmonic concert hall, a new concert venue was created in the "Saalbau", a building steeped in tradition. Thanks to the high-calibre programme featuring world-class orchestras and artists, the latest technology and unbelievable acoustics, the Essen Philharmonic Concert Hall ranks among the best in Europe.

The heart of the building is the completely renovated Alfried Krupp Hall (seating 1,906). The RWE Pavilion (350 seats), which offers a view onto the city garden due to its glass cube design, offers excellent conditions for jazz and classic, world music and recitals, receptions or parties.

After reconstruction, these three colourful citizens' halls shine once again in their former beauty: finest satinwood, enamel wood inlays and ceramic treasures create an exquisite atmosphere for a pleasant evening at a concert.


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