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The Ruhr metropolis and city of Essen

The smoking stacks of long ago, the black soot which fell like snow onto the white laundry of the workers' estates, are long since history in the Ruhr area. Tourists are quite frequently amazed at how green Essen and the surrounding area are.

However, the city of Essen and with it the Ruhr area do not want to forget their roots. Mining and industry are still ever-present if only as decayed monuments of closed collieries and blast furnaces. But it is exactly this rough charm that made the Ruhr area the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.

Cosy corners, sensational views, mystical places and idyllic nature – in conjunction with Essen's hospitality, originality and warm-heartedness - create the setting for the new Ruhr area, the Ruhr metropolis!

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